Choosing A Bariatric Bed

Gendron bariatric beds are available from 39” to 54” wide deck / sleep surface. Choose the  correct width based on patient weight and environmental access into patient rooms and elevators. Many Gendron bariatric beds feature bed deck width adjustment which allows narrowing / widening of the bed deck. Length adjustment is also available.

Most bariatric beds feature split frame construction. This allows the bed deck to separate in two sections for transport and storage. Acute care beds are fixed frame beds which do not separate.

Depending on the bed model, Gendron bariatric beds utilize pan deck or slat deck construction. Both provide superior support. Grid or spring construction is usually not adequate for the bariatric patient.

All Gendron bariatric beds utilize hand pendant controls, not hand crank. Most all Gendron beds feature emergency battery back up for operation when the bed is not connected to electrical power. Three function beds feature deck high / low, leg lift and fowler back rest elevation. Five function beds feature deck high / low, leg lift, fowler back rest elevation, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg. Several Gendron bariatric beds also feature bed exit alarm, one touch auto-contour and electric wheel lock. Scale weighing systems to monitor patient weight, care giver controls, control lock out and side rail mounted controls are available.

The caster wheels on all bariatric beds lock to ensure the bed is immobilized. Most bariatric beds utilize individual locking casters and several feature four wheel central lock. Four wheel central lock enables wheel lock engagement by depressing a foot pedal at just one corner of the bed.

Side rails at the head of the bed are usually standard. Acute care beds feature side rails at the head and foot ends. Side rail function is vertical post mount, swing down and rotational swing down. Optional foot end side rails are available on some bed models.

Includes optional over bed head to foot end trapeze, integrated head end patient helper and side assist rails.

To minimize injury due to accidental falling from bed Gendron offers a selection of bariatric beds that feature very low bed deck to floor heights.