Bed Side Rail Entrapment Awareness

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) receives numerous reports of incidents of patients and residents being caught or trapped in beds with side rails. Entrapment may also occur in the space between the head board and side rail and between the mattress and the side rail. Such entrapment may occur in the areas around the side rails, the area between the head board/foot board and the side rail and the area between the mattress and the side rail.

Our products comply with bed entrapment guidelines to minimize hazards that endanger patients and residents. Look closely at the illustration and be aware of the entrapment zones for bariatric patient beds.

NOTE: Always use the proper size mattress, meaning the width, length and thickness of the mattress designed to fit the bed sleep surface, when caring for a bariatric patient. Use of mattresses that are not designed for bariatric beds may increase the risk of injury. Use of mattresses designed for beds of other deck dimensions may increase the risk of entrapment.