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Helpful tips for operation of Gendron Maxi Rest Bariatric Scale Beds

1. How do I zero the weight and why is it important?

To zero the weight the scale must be in Weight Mode. To enter Weight Mode push the Weight Mode button. Then zero the scale by pushing and holding the 0.0 button for 10 seconds.

Zeroing the scale is important because weight readings must be taken from 0.0. For instance, if the scale reads 5.4 lbs. and a 200 lb. patient is then placed into the bed, the weight shown on the scale display will read 205.4 lbs.

2. Gendron’s Scale Beds feature a Freeze Mode. What’s a Freeze Mode?

Freeze mode essentially freezes the scale display so adjustments can be made to the bed without affecting the scale reading.

For instance, if the patient would like another blanket on the bed and another blanket is added, the scale display will show the additional weight of the blanket added to the patient. Since this is not desirable, before any items are added or removed from the bed push the ‘hand’ next to the Freeze/Resume button. Once you have added or removed items push the ‘hand’ button to return to Weight Mode.

If the bed is to be moved within the room or moved to another room the scale must be in Freeze mode. The scale must be in Freeze mode because unevenness in floors will cause a change in the displayed weight. Once the bed is in position and casters are locked exit the Freeze mode.

3. How can I monitor patient weight changes?

Weight changes can be monitored in the WT/CHG Mode. After the scale has been zeroed, and patient is in the bed, the patient’s weight is displayed. To set up the WT/CHG Mode push the WT/CHG Mode button, then push the 0.0 button for 10 seconds to zero the displayed change in weight. The display will now read 0.0. When the patient gains or loses weight the scale display will show the change in weight + or -. To return to the Weight Mode push the Weight Mode button.

4. How do I restore the patient’s weight after accidentally zeroing the scale while a patient is in the bed?

Once the operator holds the 0.0 button for 10 seconds the scale is zeroed. There is no way to retrieve the weight after the scale is zeroed. To restore the last known weight press the Freeze/Resume button. Press the Weight Mode button to increase displayed weight to the last known weight. Press the WT/CHG Mode button to decrease displayed weight to the last known weight. Press the Freeze/Resume button to return to Weigh mode

5. Because of Gendron’s scale integration (patent pending) we’ve eliminated the need to regularly calibrate the scale system. What makes our system better?

The Gendron scale system includes Load Cells securely mounted to a rigid frame with no moving parts. These load cells are torque compensating meaning the orientation of the caster will not affect the displayed weight. An extremely rigid frame is required for scale precision. Gendron’s rigid frame combined with an accurate and reliable scale system provides accurate weight readings that are required for bariatric patient care.


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